Community-Based Programs Need Your Funding

Programs that are based in communities are designed to serve members who otherwise cannot help themselves. Community based programs are designed to help community member who might otherwise fall short of many needs. The most common are social work, but fall into many other categories including employment services, medical needs and even violence control. When communities put services in place to help others, the community becomes a stronger, better place to live. This is done by allowing and directing those in need access to the services to help them through some of life’s events.

One program is dedicated to fight poverty in their community of Cortland County in New York. It is the mission of CAPCO programs to reduce poverty in their community by helping clients find the right resources for their unique situation.

Community Based Program Advantages

In communities where programs are in place to help in crisis, people feel more secure and committed to the place they call home. They find comfort in knowing that there is a whole community there when they need them most. This often leads to a sense of pride, unity and security for the entire community.

The Challenges of Community Based Programs

The biggest challenge for community based programs is of course, funds and resources. Many programs require a place to operate and staff to oversee the operations. Often space and staff are donations and volunteer. Depending on the purpose of the program, getting and retaining clients is also a big challenge. A lot of thought and research must happen before starting a community based programs.

CAPCO Meets Needs

CAPCO is designed to meet the needs of every resident by connecting them with the right resources for their unique situation. CAPCO keeps the entire community connected. As community demographics, services and needs change they are the program who keeps everyone connected to eliminate poverty.

Most funding for services like CAPCO programs is from the public and government grants. Services like this help communities grow and thrive in unit. They lead the community to be self-reliant and independent by strengthening and connecting at risk families with the right resources. There are many reasons families need help, getting them to the right community resources improves conditions for the entire. Community based programs deserve funding. They keep the community going.