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2014 Tech Conferences

Anyone who is interested in keeping current in the technology industry should make technology conferences a regular event in her yearly business plans. In its simplest form, a technology conference consists of professionals, vendors, and luminaries within the industry who convene at a set location for anywhere from a single day up to several days, depending on the particular conference. After some form of opening ceremony is given, possibly with the conference’s guest of honor addressing the attendees, the convention properly opens up with a variety of scheduled keynote speeches, seminars, demonstrations, and discussions.

In addition to all the scheduled events, attendees are given plenty of opportunity to meet and discuss with one another. This can lead to mutually improving company networks, a deeper understanding of some aspect of the industry, negation of the potential for an echo chamber of ideas within your own company, or even the potential for offers of employment.

A few tech conferences to keep an eye on in this year of 2014 include:

  • Interlop Las Vegas This IT conference is for those interested in further business within the IT field, new applications, enhancing infrastructure, cloud computing and other forms of virtualization, SDN, Risk Management, and Mobility.
    Occurs: March 31st-April 4th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
  • TechEd North America This is Microsoft’s finest conference for both IT professionals and developers. It promises several hands-on learning experiences as well as panels hosted by leading Microsoft experts.
    Occurs: May 12-15th at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.
  • HDI A UBM conference for VPs, directors, team leads and supervisors, analysts, technicians, CIOs and CTOs, and customer service and call center professionals. HDI has been held since 1990. Notable events include Peter Sheahan’s Talent Revolution keynote speech, and an array of pre-conference workshops such as “Trimming Six Sigma for the Business World.”
    Occurs: April 1st-4th at the Gaylord Palms Orlando in Florida.
  • ISTE The International Society for Technology in Education is a leading organization for educators interested in using technology in their PK-12 classes. Previous ISTE keynote speakers have included Steve Jobs and Sir Ken Robinson.
    Occurs: June 28th-July 1st at the Georgia World Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tips for Attending Your First Professional Conference

It is that time again, time for the annual business conference. Yet, if this is your first time attending one, it can be a little confusing. How do you navigate this aspect of your business career? Very simply, make sure you take note of everything around you as well as the details of the business conference.

Most businesses hold their conferences away from the offices. This means that the conference could be held anywhere, from a hotel to even a different state or country. To find out where the conference will be held, check the memo that you received concerning the conference for the location. Sometimes, the conference can be just down the hall.

If the conference is in another location, check and see if there will be any traveling expenses you are responsible for. For locations outside of the immediate area, most of the time the business will provide transportation. However, there will be sometimes that you are required to provide your own transportation and then receive a bonus on your pay check for attending the conference. This second concern can be addressed by either checking the memo you received, or messaging the sender to find out if the memo does not have the information readily available.

After gaining all this information, you are now ready to prepare for the conference. Conferences are normally meetings involving several people of a company. These individuals meet for a variety of different reasons. People from Finance may meet once a month, or even quarterly, to discuss spending within the company and how to reduce the costs that are being accrued. Or the CEO may want to meet once a year with the entire company for a report on how things are going in each department. Often times a conference will take place when the business is planning on expanding. There are several reasons for a business conference, and they will be stated in the memo you receive about the conference so that you can be prepared for the discussions about to take place.

Some business conferences taking place this year concern various things such as a Growth Conference held by the UPS for matters concerning the expansion of the company. The NSCA is having a conference about Business and Leadership. These types of conferences are important because they help the company know where they are, and where they need to be, in order to remain successful year after year.