Business Communications: The Hiring Process

In the human resources department, one of the most interesting as well as potentially exciting parts of the job is bringing in a new employee to fill an open position. The goal is to find the exact right person to not only do the job, but fit into the existing company environment. Depending on the size of the company, the new hire is not only an employee, but a potential new company family member and the right choice is vital.

When HR gets a request for a new hire, the first part of the process is the job description. If this is to fill a job already in existence, HR might pull out the current job description but a quick read through is in order to make sure the job has not changed over time. If this is a new job, or a position that is being created to fill a need, then a job description will need to be created with help from the department head of that new position.

Once the job description is ready as well as salary and other perks such as insurance, education reimbursement and the like, then the new position must be posted to attract applicants. In the past, this meant an ad in the local newspaper but in today’s internet driven marketplace, this means one or many of the many internet job sites such as or The correct site or sites depends on the position and what has shown in the past to be effect attracting the applicants the company is seeking.

When the flood of resumes begin pouring in, then the HR departments job truly begins. The applicants must be winnowed down first for qualifications, then by the department head for which applicants will be call in for an initial interview.

The interviewing process might be a many step process depending on the position and company policy. Most companies use a two step process, which involves an initial interview to get a feel for the applicant and the veracity of their resume and experience. This is usually followed up by a second interview of the applicants called back after the first interview.

From this pool of applicants the final choice will be made and the position will be filled, giving the department the help it needs and the HR department a feeling of accomplishment for a job well done.