June 2017 Posts

UAE Air Force to Upgrade their Superior F16 Fleet

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) Air Force chose the Desert Falcon Block 60 F-16 because of its superior performance when tested against other aircraft offered by various countries in a two-year comparison. The USA collected $8 billion to build 80 F-16 specifically for the UAE. The Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft System in Fort Worth, Texas provided 15,000 new jobs to Texas and just as many additional jobs nationwide to produce the advanced capabilities of these jets. In fact, the US Air Force could not afford it.

Desert Falcon designed specifically for UAE Air Force
The UAE also invested almost $3 billion in research and development, and, later in 2015, discussed with the US an order for 30 Block 61 Lockheed Martin F-16s to add to the fleet of 80 it already possessed. Rick Groesch, business development director of Lockheed Martin said that they are by far the most advanced fighter planes in the world.

F-16 Best Fighter Planes in the World
The UAE helps to maintain stability and security to the Arabian Gulf region and the upgrades will modify the aircraft to be the best generation fighter plane in the world, according to Rick Groesch.

1. The F-16 is most successful combat proven fourth generation multi-role fighter jet
2. This model has 55 repeat buys from 16 countries
3. More than 4,560 F-16 have been produced
4. The F-16 was purchased first by the UAE Air Force, the first to use the advanced version of the F-16 Fighting Falcons

The UAE air force is a valued ally and is improving its ability to meet current and future threats to economic and political stability in the Middle East. The supportability upgrade is to modify the aircraft to be the most advanced fighter aircraft operating today. Support could include upgrades to associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support. Rick Groesch also said that the F-16 unique capabilities have been in use in various conflict areas in the region over the past 20 years.