February 2015 Posts

The Best Mobile Applications for Improving Team Collaboration

Teamwork is very important, but can sometimes be extremely stressful. Managing a team of people and dividing tasks among everyone can sometimes be more work than the actual project itself. It is important to have a good stream of open communication among all team members and for everyone to be on the same page. Technology continues to simplify our lives and make things more organized before our eyes. We have three mobile applications for you, which will maximize team collaboration.

Latista is an easy-to-use application for construction teams to manage projects out in the field. This field management software makes all project documents digital and easy for all workers to monitor and utilize. The building information modeling (BIM) displays 3D representations of the project, which make it simple to navigate the model. This application has allowed construction teams to cut down on both costs and project times. Enhanced efficiency is being brought to the construction industry with Latista.

Talko was launched by Ray Ozzie who is a former executive of Microsoft. Talko embodies the function of communication and group work. This messaging application is designed to bring people and different teams together. Audio messaging is a main feature of this application, which helps you remember the value of the voice, even though there is still a messaging function on the app. The push-to-talk feature allows you to talk with those who are available and leave a message if someone isn’t immediately available.

Wunderlist is an application being utilized by businesses everywhere designed to make your to-do list go beyond that of a post-it note. Wunderlist is a new way to manage your to-do list and creates a much larger to-do list for a company or a team within a company. The application has reminders, due dates and notes, which help keep everyone included in the list on track. The application also has a subtasks feature that breaks long lists down into smaller lists. List making comes alive with Wunderlist!